You Can Be Stylish On A Budget

August 30, 2016

When it comes to fashion, it can be easy to get discouraged by all the celebrities and people you see on Instagram who seem to have a bottomless wallet. You tell yourself that you would dress that well, too, if you had an unlimited supply of money! Unfortunately, a lot of people use their budget as an excuse for not dressing the way they want or keeping up with current trends. While I will admit it makes it a bit more difficult to do so, it doesn’t make it impossible!

In fact, when you have a budget to work within, it usually ends up creating a much more interesting wardrobe. You’re not just going out buying the same expensive top as everyone else—you’re getting creative and finding your own ways to follow trends on a much more reasonable financial scale. And because of that, your clothing is completely unique! If you’ve been guilty of sometimes feeling like your style is held by back your budget, this post is for you. Below I’m going to give you a few tips about shopping on a budget and curating a fabulous wardrobe.

1. Shop Off-Season

If you wait until the crux of winter to buy that bomber jacket you’ve been eyeing, you are making a huge mistake. Clothes are always priced much higher when they are in season. To get the most bang for your buck without compromising quality, you need to start thinking in opposite seasons. Shop for swimsuits in the winter. Buy your trench coat in the summer. Gorgeous items are usually marked down considerably in their off-seasons. US News gives specific advice concerning how and when to buy certain articles of clothing off-season in tip #6.

2. Use Online Stores to Your Advantage

By now you know that shifting through sales and clearance racks at stores can be totally exhausting. You feel like you can’t find anything of decent quality, and they never have your size left anyway. Instead of going in person to shop low prices, use your Internet savvy to find some amazing prices on super-stylish clothes. Many sites allow you to scroll products in order from lowest price to highest, and Lyst actually gives you the option to set your max price for designer jeans, eliminating all the styles out of your budget so that you’re not tempted.

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3. Buy Trends Cheap

The thing about super trendy styles is that they never stay trendy for long. The very definition of a trend is something that fades within time—a fad. So instead of splurging on the statement-making shoes that you’re only buying to stay relevant, try finding a much cheaper version at low-priced stores you know carry trendy clothing. If you’re not sure where to look, Make Us Of lists some sites for you to check out. When you buy trends cheap, you don’t feel buyer’s remorse when you only wore the item twice max. You can simply amp up your wardrobe with new, low-priced trends as they get hot!


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