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There is nothing I love more than talking to fellow creatives. If we’re not in the same city, perhaps you’d like to Skype or chat. I’m all for those types of things and if we’re in the same place a chat over a drink would be even better! Get in touch and let’s catch-up! In the mean time here are some established roles I’ve undertaken to work with my community and wider audience.



Mentoring | I run a mentoring program which many of my readers (bloggers and non-bloggers) have found useful, accessible and affordable. Using my background in Psychology and related training I work one-on-one with people to help strengthen their careers, establish and maintain routines and goals, develop productive lifestyles and grow their blogs/social media/business. I have clients all over the world with sessions tailored to meet their needs as well as to suit their lifestyles and routines. The first session is priced at $75 and all sessions there after are $50. I’ve worked  with clients on issues like: time management, goal setting (business and personal), accountability, graduate school, career changes and blogging and social media.

I also offer mini 30-minute Instagram consultation sessions to help people grow their Instagram community and engagement. These sessions are $30.

Read about my mentoring program here.

Public Relations and Digital Influencing | Since starting my blog I’ve managed to grow a strong and engaged following measured not by numbers but through influence. I’d love to help introduce your products and services to my community and help you grow your business. I believe as businesses grow, services to consumers improve and the ability to do good in the world multiples! The most important element of working with brands for me is to be able to clearly see how the product fits with the philosophy of this blog. If you’re a small, local business with products that are natural, handmade or ethical we have a lot to talk about! When I review products my clients and readers receive a thorough and honest review that is eloquently written and integrated into the content and style of this website. This is the reason it is so important for me to only work with brands and businesses that align with my philosophies. I’m open to talking about how I could possibly help build your brands influence by using mine!

Writing | I’ve constantly been told by readers and businesses that I engage with that it is the writing style of A Life Un-Styled that keeps them coming back. Years of academic, professional and creative writing have allowed me to hone this skill. In addition to writing blog posts, I am also a regular contributor to magazines and I create content for businesses that require it. If you’re interested in having me on your team of writers or would like to explore how you can utilise my writing skills for your business or brand, please get in touch!

If you’re on this page I’m assuming that you’re curious and/or have an idea. Now is the perfect time to act on it. To send that email and begin the discussion. I’ve found that even if it doesn’t work out, the discussion helps clarify ideas and that’s useful for developing your pitch. So please don’t be shy, reach out and say hi! Email me.

I’m looking forward to working with you!

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