February 3, 2017

My Unstyled Life: Incomplete and imperfect but perfectly unstyled

Making the conscious effort to make our everyday moments lovely has been so eye opening for me. Especially when it comes to behaviour. Take these beautiful ceramic measuring spoons from Trade Aid. I cannot tell you how many times I admired them. I’m in that store at least once a week. Last year I bought a set for my sister-in-law for Christmas. But still I’d wander in there and my eyes would fall on them. Why I didn’t buy them for myself I don’t know. Similarly, there was a beautiful moss coloured Maison and Scotch card holder that I admired for months – I ended up buying it for my litter sister for Christmas. I’ve been making myself hot cacao on the stove top almost every morning and I use a measuring spoon and that was what did it for me. Standing by the stove making my hot cacao is such a beautiful part of my day, and it deserved to be celebrated with beautiful things. I bought the set. Then Rafa broke the quarter teaspoon. So Rafa and Patrick bought me a second set. Then Patrick broke the quarter teaspoon (what is it with these boys and quarter teaspoons?) And now the “one teaspoon” has disappeared. Just vanished. I have two incomplete sets and they make me smile (a few years ago I would have rushed out to buy a third set to ‘complete’ it but these days, this ‘imperfect’ scene is what my unstyled life has become about).

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