January 28, 2017

My Unstyled Life: A drawer of spice

Not even the spice drawer was safe as I minimised our belongings over the years. This drawer was laden with packets and bags and bottles of spices. A recipe called for a quarter teaspoon of onion powder, a packet of onion powder was swiftly added, perhaps not to be touched again. But then I started making it a point to use up my spices the way I do the food in my fridge and the items in my pantry. Then I put together a little notebook of all our favourite tried and tested recipes, now family favourites, many of which use similar ingredients. Slowly, I recognised the spices that I use often (chilli, cayenne, black pepper and cumin). I no longer buy packaged spices and for the most part grind my own (making an absolute mess of Patrick’s coffee grinder while I’m at it – the worst was probably when I ground cloves, sorry Patrick). What remains is a little collection of bottles and jars, the contents of which are quickly used up and replaced as necessary. A friend commented how many of the unstyled photos of this series actually look styled. I think it’s due, in large part, to surrounding myself with fewer, better things. Empty space also helps (though this drawer also contains a glass bottle with Patrick’s coffee and a pair of wooden tongs for the toaster).

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