Just Getting Out Of The House!

January 27, 2015

Life pre-Miss 10 allowed for a lot of spur of the moment moments. One of the biggest changes I felt quite strongly was our inability just to get up and do things that weren’t planned. What you don’t really know about Miss 10 is that she is painstakingly slow. Bless her soul. There is no rushing this kid without drama. Lately instead of giving her a lot of time to prepare (which doesn’t work for the whole spur of the moment thing anyway) I give her a set number of minutes. 10 minutes to get your shoes on and out of the door or you’re not going, or the like. It’s working, slowly… Days when I can get everyone out of the house with no minimal tears (hers and/or mine) are a real triumph.

I normally don’t do much with my family in the mornings, but mornings when I have to I keep everything simple. Well-fitted pants (7 For All Mankind make great ones), a stripe top (stripes always add a touch of sophistication, I favour the popbasic le bretons), a pair of heels (wish list item right here!), a fresh face and un-done hair (because I’m not going to wake up early and put on make-up, or do my hair!)

What’s your go-to, no-fuss outfit?
I’m thinking I’d like to try a new element to mine, but I’m not sure what it should be. 


  • Kristian

    Mmm… my classes always struggle with the slow-moving thing (especially one. He will not deviate from that pace. Ever.) But- a timer has really helped. Glad to see it is working (somewhat) for you too.

    And, of course, I like the minimalist, but stylish look 🙂

  • Rita

    You made me laugh 🙂 Also love the look but I'm afraid I can't help with ideas on the go-to outfit! Mine is not too different, composed of navy trousers, a le breton and flats or loafers! xo

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