Things You Can Do With Raw Chocolate

April 23, 2015

About a month ago I shared this easy raw chocolate recipe by Melissa from Melk With 2 Sugars. The recipe calls for three simple ingredients (coconut oil, rice malt syrup and raw cacao powder). Since learning to make raw chocolate I’ve been finding lots of ways to use and serve it up and I that I’d share some tips.

Raw chocolate and fruit This is a great way to include some seasonal fruit or fruit that has been sitting in the fruit bowl for a day or two longer than you would have liked.

1.Chop the strawberries. (Melissa’s notes half a big strawberry per cup or one small strawberry) I eye-balled it.
2. Place in a cupcake could. (Melissa’s notes silicon moulds work best when it comes to popping them out) For your benefit I tried in normal cupcake/muffins pans with and without paper, I prefer without paper – give them a good knock and they come out.
3. Whip up a batch of this three ingredient raw chocolate
4. Pour the raw chocolate mixture.
5. Set in the freezer (mine took about 35 minutes).

Melissa’s strawberry chocolate cups

Everyone has been talking about chocolate coated bananas, I’m sure there’s a name for them now. I’ve made them before with store bought chocolate and they were a real hit with my family. I took the one lonely banana left in our fruit bowl, covered it with raw chocolate, rolled it in almonds and popped it into the freezer for the chocolate to set. This doesn’t take long (I timed mine at about 35-40 minutes). I prefer to use room temperature bananas and only pop them into the freezer to let the chocolate set. I find using frozen bananas becomes harder to eat.

Raw chocolate and nuts Another quick and easy treat is to dip your almonds or other suitable nuts of choice into the liquid raw chocolate, place them on a tray with paper and set them in the freezer.

Raw chocolate I now always have raw chocolate bark in my freezer. Apart from it being consumed on it’s own I like serving it with coffee. Patrick is off sugar so it’s a nice little treat. And surprisingly it’s a wonderful addition to my cheeseboard and goes beautifully with wine. You might also like to break pieces of it up and add it to your oats as a little treat.

Vanisha’s strawberry chocolate cups

If you were to pick up some coconut oil, rice malt syrup and raw cacao powder I’m sure we can help you experiment with it and use it alongside other everyday ingredients. Perhaps you’d like to pick them up today and make some chocolate of your own!

What’s your favourite raw chocolate topping? 
What do you like doing with your raw chocolate? 


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