Cold Pressed Juice Cleanse with The Design Juicery

March 22, 2016


My husband Patrick is one of those people who are very content and want for very little. When it comes to surprising him or wanting to give him a gift (material or experiential) I have to get quite creative. I wanted to do something special for him before our little one came along. I thought about a few wardrobe items he had mentioned needing to replace but figured he’d be the best person to chose what he wanted. Over the past few months I noticed he’d been enjoying his workouts more and just keeping particularly fit and healthy. So I decided to enhance that by signing him up for a one-day cold pressed juice cleanse with The Design Juicery. This isn’t a sponsored post or anything, Patrick and I came across The Design Juicery on Instagram and then tried out their juices at the Otago Farmers Market. We become fans and while Patrick always talked about doing a cleanse, he just never got around to it.


I ordered the Pure Body one day cleanse for him which came with five juices and one nut milk. When you sign-up for a cleanse you receive a cleanse guide that has all the information you need. A few days before the cleanse Patrick stopped consuming caffeine and sugar. We have a fairly healthy diet but he paid a little more attention to what he was consuming pre-cleanse.

Patrick says: More than changing what I ate and drank, it was also important to mentally prepare yourself for the challenge. I was curious about the difference, if any, the cleanse would make to the way I felt. 

The night before the cleanse he was ‘allowed’ to have dinner but ended up having this Triple Nut Banana Smoothie. The next morning before he began the cleanse he had a glass of warm water with lemon.


Each bottle is numbered according to the order you consume the juices in, and it’s recommended that you have a bottle every 2-3 hours. After finishing a bottle Patrick filled it up with water to drink – a way of ensuring he remained hydrated throughout the day.


Courteney from The Design Juicery is also available for you to contact throughout your cleanse if you’re unsure about anything or need a little more support. The cleanse guide also provides a lot of information on what you need to do pre-cleanse, during the cleanse and post-cleanse.

Patrick says: Enjoying the juices as a product ensured I got through the day. I don’t think that it would have been possible had I not enjoyed the juices. 


It’s also okay for you to supplement the cleanse with some food. Recommended snacks included salad greens, broccoli, capsicum, berries, bananas and the like.

Patrick says: I had one banana, a handful of brazil nuts and some carrot sticks. I think it must be said that it’s not easy. It’s challenging. I was thinking about food. I wanted to eat. But at the same time the cleanse was something I wanted to do and complete.

Almost three weeks later Patrick is still talking about the perceived benefits of the cleanse. His coffee consumption has decreased significantly.

Patrick says: This cleanse is something I could do monthly, or perhaps seasonally. You feel different but you also need to make dietary and lifestyle changes alongside something like a juice cleanse. Going through the day, and the process of the cleanse, made me realise the potential for change with regards to both diet and lifestyle. 


Just a little note post-cleanse: The Design Juicery also only use glass bottles, and compost 100% of their waste. In Dunedin, they accept bottles for recycling and they’ll even collect it from you. We returned the entire package the juices came in. I can’t wait to try the cleanse myself but it will be a while yet given that I’m pregnant and will (hopefully) be breastfeeding once the little one comes along. Though even without doing the cleanse, the juices make a great addition to your daily diet.

You can find out more about The Design Juicery here.

If you’re in Dunedin you can find them at the Otago Farmers Market on Saturday mornings (they sell out really quickly so you’ll have to get in early!) and a selection of the juices are also available at Veggie Boys.


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