Stepping Outside My Colour Comfort Zone

October 19, 2015

I don’t wear much colour. I used to, but not any more. I’m not sure if there’s a specific reason but I simply gravitated towards a more neutral palette of greys, blacks and whites. With the occasional pop of colour with accessories, shoes, and even a random piece of clothing.


A few weekends ago I wanted to give this dress a whirl. It had been hanging neatly in my closest (I kept the original packaging and everything, because I really didn’t think I could wear it and was contemplating sending it back). I have the black version of the same dress and that I have no problem wearing. It’s flattering, it has two pockets and the fabric is so breathable. Plus it’s black!


I convinced myself to give it a go. I laid out a black cardigan, a black jacket and even a black top in the hopes that one of those pieces would help me neutralise the electric blue colour. I slipped on the dress and remembered that model had worn it with a belt. I cinched it with a black belt and saw how quickly and easily it eased the electric colour out. I tried on the variety of pieces I laid out and returned to one point – they all distracted from what was simply a beautiful dress which was unfortunately (or not) in the hands of a colour-phobe! I scrapped that idea.


How else could I neutralise this colour?

  1. A neutral accessory. I knew this worked. So instead of breaking it up with clothing, try breaking a piece of clothing outside of your colour comfort zone with accessories of a neutral colour. Belts and neutral/solid coloured scarves work for me.
  2. Simple jewellery. I wanted to added a necklace and a bangle but I realised that the colour already made me stand out and I only really needed one stand out feature in my style. I kept everything else simple.
  3. Easy on the make-up. Instead of a bold lip that I would have worn with the black Isabella dress, with the electric I kept my face and lips neutral and clean. Again, coming down to the fact that the colour of the dress was doing all the talking.
  4. A neutral shoe. I went with a simple black Manolo Blahnik heel.


Overall, my biggest take away from this was that I didn’t need to ‘hide’ the colour to make it easier for me to wear. I simple needed to tone down and simplify everything else and break the colour with a few pieces (in my case a belt in the middle and black shoes on the bottom). A lot of it is also Psychological. I knew everything else about me (my hair, make-up, accessories) were so simple that they balanced the brightness of the dress. This was a huge lesson for me because my instinctive reaction was to cover this gorgeous garment up with a jacket and layers. I’m so glad I gave it a try. I’m definitely not returning the dress and I can’t wait to wear it again. There’s also a little 7 second clip of me twirling in this dress here!


Also as a huge thank you for everything, Leina Broughton was kind enough to offer the readers of A Life Un-Styled a 25% off discount for the Isabella dress in electric blue, black, and night garden. All you need to do is enter the code ‘alifeunstyled’ at checkout to enjoy your discount. Offer valid until November 30, 2015. I don’t make any money off of this, it’s simply a way to offer you something for you friendship and readership. Happy shopping!

Do you have trouble wearing colour?
What are you favourite colour wearing tips? 



  • Kristian

    Good tips to wearing a bold color. You look great in this.

  • Diana Mieczan

    Great tips and that dress looks amazing on you, darling. xoxo

  • Lacy

    AMAZING! you look absolutely gorgeous in that colour! I have a dress the same colour and I wear it regularly, but then I gravitate towards all sorts of different colours. What an amazing shape on you too, you should have this in every colour they make!

    • Vanisha

      Thanks Lace! I wore the black to the conference on the day I presented. It kinda hides Peanut but doesn’t at the same time. It’s been a wonderful addition to my wardrobe x

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