The Herb Farm Lasting Beauty Skincare Range: A Review

May 24, 2015


I don’t often write reviews for products or services but when I do it’s due to one of two reasons. I either really loved the product or I simply hated it. In this case it’s the former. The only other review I recall doing is this one on the Arbonne skincare line, and it wasn’t very positive. Today I’m reviewing a new to me skincare range out of New Zealand called The Herb Farm. I normally opt for more nourishing and moisturising lines but after consulting one of their team members we thought the Lasting Beauty (natural anti-ageing) range would be best. I’m not sure about you but I tend to stay away from anti-ageing products. Many of them are packed with chemicals and I think I’ve always taken my age and skin for granted. I’ll be thirty next year (oh it just killed me to write that) and I think it’s time to up my skincare game. I tried the calendula and marshmallow softening cleanser, the kiwiseed and zeolite exfoliating powder and the echinacea and blackcurrant face cream. I have nothing but good things to say about all of them (which is a rarity!). I’ve now been using the products consistently for about three weeks. I find that my skin breaks out a little (I’m talking about two or three bumps) when I swap skincare products so I try to time this well before any important events.


calendula and marshmallow softening cleanser This is a big call but I’ll say it. This is the best cleanser I have ever used. It’s light and creamy and feels like a gentle moisturiser. I’ve often said that I need cleansers and exfoliators that are easy to use in the shower (I’m not one to cleanse in front of the mirror/sink). Because this cleaner doesn’t foam (it soothes and spreads like moisturiser) it’s easy to use in the shower and by the mirror. And while I don’t wear a lot of make-up I do wear mascara, a gel based one, which is tricky, tricky, tricky to come off. Using the Herb Farm suggestion I apply the cleanser to my lashes and leave it there while massaging the cleanser over the rest of my face, coming back to rub the lashes gently. The mascara comes off nicely. This cleanser is comfort for your skin in a jar. If I were asked to describe the scent and look – I’d say lemon-y clouds. It’s such a dreamy product.


kiwiseed and zeolite exfoliating powder I’ve never used an exfolitating powder before and I wasn’t sure what to expect. This exfoliating powder is rich in antioxidants and is mixed with the comforting calendula cleanser. The combination is delightful and effective.  It’s also easy enough to use in front of the mirror, though I still use it in the shower. I’m just careful not to get water into the jar. I only ever use this one once a week, or once every eight or nine days as my skin simply feels better and healthier.


echinacea and blackcurrant face cream The colour of this face cream threw me a little – it’s the mustard-ish coloured one in the photos. The echinacea has antibiotic and wound-healing properties, which is why I think my break outs were minimal and short-lived. I only use the face cream straight after my showers (once in the morning and once in the evening before bed). It’s very easily absorbed without a strong scent and almost instantly helps firm up your skin. The Herb Farm refer to it as ‘plumping’ up your skin. You feel it, an instant face lift of sorts. My skin feels firm but hydrated and moisturised throughout the day.

A true point of difference of this natural skincare range is its focus on intentionality and mindfulness. Very few brands include “[think] of all the wonderful things in your life” as part of their directions of use. Often with reviews people want you to say something negative or controversial but I simply can’t think of anything. This product has worked for me. Some might argue that it is a little pricey but given its effectiveness I’ve been using less product over time so I feel like its a worthwhile investment. With the added benefit of being natural I’m glad to have stumbled upon it.

My current picks: calendula and marshmallow softening cleanser | kiwiseed and zeolite exfoliating powder | echinacea and blackcurrant face cream

I’m hoping to include these to my routine: lemon verbena hydrating mist | ginkgo and olive renewal serum | kiwiseed and hazelnut nourishing face oil

What does your skincare routine look like? What would you consider to be the most important factor when deciding on skincare products? 

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