Review: Arbonne Skincare Products

February 15, 2012

A fellow blogger emailed me about trying some Arbonne products. We had a little chat about my skin and she sent me samples of the Arbonne RE9 Advanced range. The RE9 samples came in little packets, if you use a pin to prick the packets, you have enough content to last about a week. Giving, perhaps enough time for you to get a feel of the products.

The first thing that got me about the RE9 Advanced was the smell, I couldn’t stand it. I had the Night Repair Creme on and Patrick couldn’t get to sleep because of it, and not in a good way. I found the Day and Night Cremes a little thicker and heavier then I’m used to. But I was told by another consultant that you can water these down without taking away from their effectiveness. I didn’t use the samples for the whole week (I only used them once) simply because the smell didn’t sit well with me. Perhaps I’ve discounted them too quickly?

I was fortunate enough to have an Arbonne makeover at the Trisense Spa Grand Opening. I liked the colours in their cosmetic range. I was most excited about trying their Mascara but again I found the smell rather overwhelming. I’m just weird about how things smell. This extends to cosmetics, skin care, fragrance, and food. If I find the smell unsettling chances are I won’t go near it. But I’m open to trying a few more of their products before making any decisions.

My biggest recommendation would be to use the samples for a bit before making any decisions. I invest quite a bit in skincare, and it’s just that, an investment. But before I part with that much money, I’d like to try and get to know the product. This includes using it at home and going to spas that use the product to have facials and other treatments using the product.

An update: After hearing about my disappointing Arbonne experience, my friend and Arbonne consultant Sophie was determined to better match my skincare needs to something in the Arbonne line. She sent me the Arbonne Calm range, I used it everyday for about a week. The smell issue I had with the RE9 range no longer existed. Calm was much better suited for my skin as well. It was lighter (in weight) to the RE9 line but still a little heavier then what I prefer. I also preferred these samples because they came in little tubes, so much easier to use. I wasn’t expecting the samples to work wonders on my skin but they did give me the opportunity to smell the products and see how they felt on my skin. If you’re shopping for new skincare options, you might want to consider the Calm range or get in touch with Sophie to see if she has any recommendations. I know a lot of people who have become Arbonne consultants and I think my issue with the RE9 range was that the consultant did not give enough thought or care to what she was recommending. She simply sent me what she had. Sophie on the other hand is passionate about her work with Arbonne and that has made all the difference.

Have you used Arbonne before? 
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