Professionalism Through Poise

April 30, 2015

May – how quickly you’ve come around! This month is shaping up to be challenging. I’m going to be involved in projects that are exciting but alongside people with whom I wouldn’t normally work. It’s going to be a complete change of scene and without the calming influence of Patrick I’m worried. I’m quite a firecracker and it’s not often that I regret what comes out of my month but it sometimes makes me unpopular and I don’t really want that this month. Quotes are really helpful as little reminders of what we aspire to and I enjoy having them in my planner and little notebooks for different projects. This month I’m clutching desperately to this intention – professionalism through poise and grace. When you think of professionalism you don’t often think of the words poise and grace but I’m re-defining professionalism for myself. I plan and envision myself working on this project and with these people with a lot of humility, grace and poise. A gentle reminder that regardless of what I have achieved or what my skills are that professionalism speaks volumes and when in doubt – poise and grace. Just thinking about those words already help me settle the anxiety I feel about this month.

For all my new reader friends, this year instead of goals I’ve been working with monthly intentions, you can see all my intention posts here.

How do you deal with work or creative environments where you happen to be put with people you normally wouldn’t choose to work with? 

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  • Kristian

    I actually think Professionalism really does stem quite a lot from poise and grace. Wish more people saw it that way, and am excited to read up on your thoughts on your intentions this May. Good luck with them!!

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