M for Mornings and Muesli

August 17, 2016


This little quote hangs above my desk usually but I came across another quote about sleep being like a time machine to breakfast. That made me giggle. I’ve never been a morning person. Four months of being a mother still hasn’t made me a morning person but we’ve now got morning routines that I adore, even though they can be a little tricky because all I want to do is stay in bed!

Mornings now begin at 7am with Rafa waking up and making the sweetest sounds in his cot. I’ll bring him to bed for a cuddle with us and maybe a feed. I’ll have a shower, while Patrick gives Rafa a massage and then we’ll head out to the lounge for some breakfast. For a few months now we’ve been ordering handmade muesli from Kiwi As. We order the 1kg Paleo Muesli (as in we actually order and pay for these, it isn’t gifted!). Before getting pregnant and before Rafa I wouldn’t normally have breakfast but I do now. I notice that having toast doesn’t keep me full for very long. But a small bowl of this refined sugar free muesli (either with milk, or coconut yogurt) keeps me satisfied for much longer.


And when I hear noises in the kitchen in the middle of the night, or early hours of the morning I know my husband is helping himself to a bowl. Obviously breakfast is just too far away! The muesli has a lovely crunch to it, it is handmade and made with local and imported ingredients. The muesli is available in 500g and 1KG options, with free postage on the kilo option. We’ve only ever ordered the “Straight Up Paleo Muesli” but there’s also an “Oatylicious Museli” variety that we need to try. As a treat we were privy to a sample of a new flavour and it was heavenly – something to keep an eye out for!

After breakfast and once Patrick puts Rafa down for his first nap of the day my morning routine gets a little sad as Patrick leaves for work and I’m left to negotiate the unknown territory of life with a little one on my own! Time to make a cup of strawberry and lime tea…

You can find out more about Kiwi As Muesli here.

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