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June 26, 2015


It wasn’t until earlier this year that I started looking to Lush for my everyday skincare needs. I typically only frequented them for bath products. As Miss 11 has become more enamoured with them I’m finding that I’m using more and more of their products as part of my daily skincare routine. This became particularly evident when I was packing for a trip and reached for more Lush products than any others. I think their minimal packaging and innovative products make it easier for travellers. I thought I’d share with you the Lush products I think make great and practical travel essentials:

Massage Bar: Now don’t for a minute think that these will substitute a massage from a therapist but they certainly make a great tool for those home massages. I particularly like them after a long trip, or if you’ve packed it in your carry on luggage you might like a little on your neck and shoulders en-route. The bars melt at body temperature and leave your skin nourished and smelling delightful. My old time favourite was the wiccy magic muscles but this past trip I used tender is the night, a more delicate, sensual fragrance. I also use the bar on drier part of my body for a little extra loving and care.

Solid Shampoo and Solid Conditioners: These solid shampoo and conditioner bars were a huge selling point for me and have convinced me that I can now travel without a checked-in piece. The bars are completely free of packaging and are unpreserved. The bars don’t take up much space at all. I use the Braziliant bar and Miss 11 uses the Jason and the Argan oil bar. We both use Jungle solid conditioner. The Jungle is the best de-tangling product we’ve come across for Miss 11’s hair and at the same time doesn’t flatten my already fine hair. We store all these products in these Lush tins.

Ultrabalm: This was a new to me product that quickly became one of the most reached for items in my bag. An all purpose balm made exclusively of organic jojoba oil and candelilla and rose wax. The ultra balm makes a great substitute as a lip balm (people in my family constantly forget to pack their own!). It’s also wonderful on sunburn and to hold unruly eye brows in place as well as normal everyday use for dry skin.

Sea Spray: My ultimate hair styling product! You can use it to add volume, to help set your hair style or to style your hair. See how I use the Lush Sea Spray to create beach hair here.

The Greeench Deodorant Powder: This deodorant powder was the best and most effective deodorant for all the activities and the heat in the tropics. The best bit is everyone in the family can use it. Though this is what Miss 11 uses. Patrick uses the Dirty body spray which sadly doesn’t travel very well and ended up all over the suitcase. I use the Aromaco solid deodorant which is so delightfully gentle and hydrating, but hands down it’s the Greench powder that’s the best.

Celestial Moisturiser: this moisturiser has been essential to keeping my and Miss 11’s sensitive skin under control. More so when you’re travelling and visit places with differing climates. The little tub that the product comes in is easy to pack, not needing much room at all. For those partial to strong smells (I am, especially after travel) it only  had a light vanilla smell with dove orchid and almond milk. All very gentle on the olfactory system.

These are just some of the products I found most useful and easiest to travel with. As my skincare, travel needs and destinations change so will the things I travel with but these have been the most practical lately.

Which products do you find the most practical to travel with? 


  • Diana Mieczan

    I love their products too – they smell so dream and ultrabalm is definitely one of my favourites. Kisses

  • Nerelle

    I love Lush products! And knowing that they care enough to put a little photo of the person who created my massage bar and skin drink, really makes me feel like I can trust the brand.

    Thanks for sharing!

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