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December 7, 2015


The not-so-little-any-mores are are going to be here soon and I’ve gone into full aunty mode. One of the first stops for aunty-niece fun time for me was Lush. You’ll find Lush products featured a lot in my skincare posts and my favourite post on the 5 things Lush taught my 10 year old.

Here are some goodies for the little ones but also a few things for the bigger ones:

Star Dust | Bath Bomb | I keep a jar full of bath bombs and bath products by the bathtub for us and our guests. Children enjoy bath time even more when it’s filled with colour and sweet aromas. What the star dust bath bomb lacks in colour it makes up in sparkle and beautiful Fair Trade Ugandan vanilla and Peruvian rosewood.

Peeping Santa | Bubble Bar | This is going to be a little stocking stuffer for one of the little ones. A Santa shaped bar with Fair Trade organic cocoa butter from a women’s cooperative in Ghana. It produces a whole lot of fruity bubbles when crumbled under running water.

Santa FUN | 4-in-1 | Another stocking stuffer that I just know the receiver will love! FUN can be moulded into all sorts of fun things before bathing. It can be used as a soap, shampoo and bubble bar. Also, 25 cents from each FUN sold goes into the Lush FunD to be given out in grants to projects that provide fun and recreational activities for children living in challenging environments.

Reindeer Rock | Soap | A great gift for the males in your life. You’ll have to click through and see how lovely this soap looks with a reindeer galloping across the bar. The Reindeer Rock soap has Lingonberries that help rejuvenate the skin and improve elasticity.

Celebrate | Hand and Body Lotion | A rich, creamy and citrusy body lotion with orange, almond and lime oils – and a splash of cognac to celebrate the festive season! Like all Lush lotions, this one is especially wonderful for those dry elbows, knees and heels.

Christingle | Body Conditioner | Now, this is something truly special! Lush suggest you warm up to cool down with the peppermint and menthol crystals in Christingle! These ingredients awaken and stimulate the body. The mint kick is such a wonderful touch.

This year we’ve given Miss 11 a budget, she has 7 people to shop for and after watching the documentary The True Cost she’s thinking even more about what she’s purchasing and where things have come from. Stores like Lush provide us with the perfect opportunity to help mould a conscious consumer while allowing her to still enjoy the fun and fizz of childhood.


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