On Keeping Black Outfits Interesting And Taking Outfit Photos

August 3, 2015


how-to-keep-black-outfits-interestinghow-to-keep-black-outfits-interesting-1 how-to-keep-black-outfits-interesting-2 how-to-keep-black-outfits-interesting-3re-create the look: jacket  | cardigan | dress | boots  

I adore wearing black but to keep the whole ‘look’ from becoming too monotonous I like to wear different textures and play with various lengths and shapes. While I’m not very partial to dresses or skirts, here’s a dress worn as a skirt layered with a cardigan and my favourite jacket. Each of the pieces on their own are lovely and simple (true to what I love) but thrown together really help create a look that goes beyond my usual black skinny jeans and knits.

On a completely different note, people ask about these photos all the time. Patrick takes them, or I use a tripod and yes, I feel rather self -conscious jumping around in alleyways. Especially in the unfortunate event that someone sees me. I’d like to say I’ve become better at it over the years but the truth is I’ve simply became better at pretending like it’s the most normal thing to do in an alleyway! You’re walking through here not to take outfit photos? What’s wrong with you? It is weird though. My only advice is fake it and make sure you and your photographer can work quickly (you at showcasing the outfit and them at taking the photos) – and the only way that, that’s going to happen is if you keep at it. I can safely say it now takes Patrick and I about 10 minutes to take the photos, including me looking through them. Practice makes perfect – both for the photos and for faking the confidence!

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