A Bath Ritual For Everyday

April 30, 2015

With Mother’s Day coming up I thought I’d share with you my favourite bath/shower rituals that you could recreate for yourself or your mum or a friend who needs a little loving and downtime. It’s a ritual that extends so effortlessly beyond Mother’s Day and can become a habit in no time at all. And you know I’m all about encouraging good habits!

Here are some of my tips for creating a relaxing bath ritual that can be enjoyed everyday. You could write these tips out as instructions for your mum or to the person you’re preparing the gift for:

Ambience. I try to keep flowers and candles in the bathroom for these bath/shower rituals. I also have all my favourite bath products on hand. Adding a bunch of flowers or candles to your gift package would be a nice touch in helping the receiver of you gift create a lovely atmosphere. 
Start with a drink. A nice lemon-grass tea or a glass of water. You know, the way they do at the spa. You might like to pop a packet of lemon-grass tea into your gift package.
Use a fresh towel. Yes, you might already have a towel that you just used yesterday but there’s nothing like coming out of the bath to a fresh towel. 
Have your bathrobe handy. This might be another wonderful addition to your gift package. A comforting bathrobe is an essential wardrobe and bath ritual item in my opinion. 
Bath or Shower? This should be the most difficult decision you make once your shut the door and the world out.

My Lush Mother’s Day edition picks: Yummy Mummy Shower Gel (this product not only smells lovely by includes Carageenan Seaweed that leaves you with beautiful soft hair) or if you prefer soap the Love You Mum Soap would be a nice alternative. If you’re thinking of a bath, the Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb is my pick (it’s made with soya milk powder and has classic scents of rosewood and Turkish rose oils). I you prefer a more novel option, I suggest picking up the Mother Superior Bubble Bar! It’s so cute!

Relax. Once the important decision of what (bath or shower) to do and what products to use have been made let go and enjoy yourself. Instead of rushing through your shower pay attention to what you’re doing and how you’re feeling. It’s easier to take your time in the bath but showers can be just as relaxing if you take your time through soaping, cleansing, exfoliating, shaving your legs – whatever. Just don’t rush.

Get into your bathrobe. After drying yourself off slip into your bathrobe. You might like to take the time to comb out your hair. Take a good look at your face. Do a quick breast self-examination.

Post shower. I’ve started to enjoy the time out of the bath or shower just as much as time in them. My post shower routine includes gently and intentionally applying moisturiser (as opposed to just slapping it on and being done with it). Lush have a fresh strawberry juice and organic cocoa butter body conditioner called the Yummy Mummy body conditioner, I would strongly suggest buying this along with the Yummy Mummy Shower Gel because it’s perfect for layering. I had the scent on me all evening and the next morning too.

I honestly feel that if we add a little more meaning and intention to everyday activities, like baths and showers, that are often taken for granted we can really take care of ourselves and create moments of rest, tranquillity and joy.

What are your favourite bath or shower rituals and/or products? 


  • Michelle {Jarrah Jungle}

    I love lush products they are the best. We removed our bath in lieu of a double shower in our bathroom so sadly theres no baths for me at home anymore but whenever I stay at a hotel Im straight in there, pillows at one end to rest my head, magazine and glass of wine nearby, and lots of bubbles, pure bliss 🙂

  • Ann Krembs

    I love this post! I love my bath time! Do you want to know why this habit is so important for me? I'm not over weight by any means, but I do have to maintain my weight, and at present I'd like to reign in a couple of kgs. My worst time of the day is after work (school). I get home between 4-5 pm, and I'm just ready to snack–just as I did after school as a kid. This is a habit–one to be broken! So….if I don't go exercise, I'll run a bath for myself. Even if I exercise, I also like to include a bath. It's a little time for me to just sit and relax. Often I like to grab the book I'm reading too and have a little read.

    I have yet to make it to LUSH Vanisha. Ugh. It's driving me crazy. BUT, when I do I'll be stocking up on all your recommendations.

    One thing I've started using post bath or shower is body oil. I love it! It seems to work so much better at hydrating my dry (aging) skin. My favorite is Bio Oil, but I'm not opposed to picking up unique body oils on my travels. I always find the best scents this way!

    This was a very fun post to read Vanisha! A little gift!!


    Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

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