A Brave Mama? ME?!

February 1, 2016


Last week I connected on email with a recent Instagram friend, Meng Lim from Heart In Box. A few days later this appeared on my door step and it moved me totears. I haven’t had a ‘tough’ or ‘challenging’ pregnancy but there has been of course anxiety and nerves about the pregnancy, the birth, actual motherhood. Sometimes with all the excitement and happiness the nerves are suppressed and you forget to articulate them. Not only did this little package make me feel loved, it made me feel brave – not about the pregnancy, the birth, the impending motherhood but instead it made me feel brave in taking the time to acknowledge and share some of these nerves and anxiousness. I couldn’t think of a more wonderful gift for an expectant mum, a new mum, any mum really!


With pregnancy there is so much emphasis on the baby, even on my part. It’s all about this little one. There have only been a handful of people who have stopped me and focused on ME. On the mother who is carrying the baby, whose body is providing the nourishment and whose mind is whirling with all things that need to be done, that can go wrong, that will happen, that won’t happen. Where in the celebration of life do we stop to celebrate the mums? Heart In Box is a gift package subscription service that sends out boxes of love to the mums in our lives. Each of the boxes are designed around particular themes, Meng sent me the ‘Brave Mama‘ box but there are also the ‘New Mama‘, ‘Busy Mama‘, ‘Birthday Mama‘ boxes and the just released ‘Adventure Mama‘ box.  For those wanting something a little more specific, you can also custom build a gift box ‘Build Your Own Heart Box‘ which would be perfect for any female, regardless of whether she’s a mother or not.


Each box comes with up to five products that are on rotation and often change every few months. My box included a Kate Spade gold striped thermal mug, a bar of Bahen & Co stone ground chocolate, a hand-stamped minimalist bar necklace that said ‘loved’ and a sturdy ‘fleurs, bonbons, champagne’ tote bag. Complete with a lovely gift tag and a little card with a personalised note.


These beautiful boxes can be shipped world wide, the cost of shipping is additional – though there is free shipping for some parts of Australia. You also have the option for express shipping in the event of a mama going into labour suddenly, a forgotten birthday (oops!) or because you’ve woken up and just felt like you need to surprise and gently remind a woman in your life that she is loved.

I can’t tell you how special it was for me to receive this. This products were great – I can’t wait to take that Kate Spade thermal mug to Starbucks the moment my little baby is born – but more than the products, the sentiment behind the box and its overall message of love and reminding me that I was brave impacted my mood in such an instant and beautiful way. And what’s more, in giving a gift like Heart in Box you’re not only showing love to a woman in your life, but you’re also supporting a small business and a mama who herself needs to be reminded that she is brave, loved and doing such meaningful work (that’s specifically for you Meng!).

Now – this brave mama is walking with her head a little higher, a bouncier bounce in her step and heading to tackle that hospital bag!

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