Gifts For The Wanderer

November 30, 2014

Gifts For The Wanderer In Your Life
With all the travel miles I’ve accumulated this year and having the opportunity to hone and refine my wardrobe and my travel style I thought I’d share some of my favourite travel items with you. Also, after talking to many of you, I’ve tried to keep the cost of the items I share in mind. I know not everyone can, or wants to, shell out $400 on a sustainably made bag. Many people are trying to curate wardrobes that work for their budgets, look aesthetically pleasing and are durable. I get that now. I hope I’m able to strike a balance between what I would buy, which might be a little pricey, and what is equally as pleasing but not as pricey.

Here are my picks for some practical and pretty gifts for the traveller in your life (or for yourself):

pen | obvious but it never ceases to amaze me how many people ask me for a pen while travelling. This one is by Kate Spade

phone case | i usually don’t have a case for my phone but I like that additional bit of protection when I travel. This leather is one by Fossil

tote | more precisely a tote that allows me to easily fit and access my laptop and zip lock bag with cosmetics. I hate waiting while people zip and unzip and rezip their bags looking for the things they need to put on the tray while trying to get through security

water bottle | this clear one really caught me eye. Remember you can’t always take liquids through security but you can take an empty bottle and fill it up on the other side

backpacks | i know these have come back into vogue but purely from a practical point of view I think backpacks are perfect for travel. Both of these, the metallic and stripe, are $50 each. I don’t have a backpack but I wish I had bought one for my last trip, it would have made such a big difference. I’m definitely on the market for one.

luggage tag | i think little items like this are perfect for those people who have everything. This one is by Kate Spade

socks | i personally only wear socks if I’m wearing boots or sneakers on a plane (and I rarely wear either of those) but I like quirky socks at home sometimes, and I just thought these were cute!

small pouches | i’m the sort of person who just throws things into my bag, as a result everything gets lost in there. Having little pouches of a colour different to that of the inside of my bag helps me keep me things together and makes them easily identifiable in the chaos that is usually my hand bag!

What are your travel must haves? 
What I haven’t been able to find is a decent travel/passport case, have you got any suggestions?


  • Auie

    Edited Comment: Can you actually bring empty bottles for water??? I'm contemplating on bringing one for my trip because i'm sure liquids aren't allowed larger than 100ml (or something)… and by other side you mean the plane or waiting area? hahaha sorry, I'm such a travel rookie here



    Hi Auie, you can definitely take an empty water bottle through security to the waiting area and onto the plane. I haven't come across any problems. If there's water in the bottle they ask you to drink it or tip it out. I've even seen them offer this suggestion to people with store bought plastic water bottles. But all other liquids (creams, gels etc) need to be 100ml max and in a clear zip lock bag. Even though I travel often I find that rules change and if you're unsure just ask when you're checking in 🙂 Happy travels x

  • Kristian

    Very practical yet beautiful items.

  • Rekha Monger @i Relate To That

    Recently only I got to know the importance and convenience of a backpack. I immediately invested in one for my recent travel and trust me, its so much better.

    The idea of an empty water bottle is awesome. I'm definitely doing that in the next travel :). Thank you so much!

  • Rita

    Love these posts 🙂 I personally must carry socks in long haul flights – removing my shoes is the first thing I do. My passport case is from Cath Kidston and had lasted years. They're very good but I'm now looking for something a bit less "English cute". 🙂

  • Diana Mieczan

    I love the whole guide and those socks are calling my name. Also, a cute backpack is a must. Love the striped one. Happy Tuesday.

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