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July 27, 2016

I’m now taking on mentoring clients for 2016! But today I’m sharing a review of my mentoring sessions by children’s book author, and a client of mine, Katrien Pickles. She’s a fabulous writer, as you’ll soon see. katrien-pickles-2

Sometimes you have a thought that bubbles up in your brain and makes you feel all fizzy with excitement. Sometimes these thoughts come all at once, and at times when you’re otherwise occupied (like when you’re sleeping or staring into the fridge wondering where the butter went),
and the fizzy excitement takes over and shoots off in a million directions like a firework!
Oh! How beautiful!” you think,
and you try to follow the lights across the sky before their light fades away…
But there is only one of you and
hundreds of little specs of light.
You rush to write down what each little particle of light looked like, but it’s like climbing a mountain with your mind, except you have left your woollen socks at home
and the mountain is getting colder as you climb.
That is when you get distracted because
your puppy is outside and wants to play!
He always wants to play! But this time it is urgent
and he is asking you to come outside
while being on his very worst behaviour.
Soon he will dig his way to the earth’s core so you better
go outside to play!
You open the door and…
Oh! Wow! Look at that sky!” you say, as the beauty of
The Great Outdoors
hits you and jolts you into the now. The here.
It is just like that, that
the fireworks from earlier fade from your mind
and you are off on an adventure with your four legged friend who needs to show you
all the incredible things there are to see
right now, right here!


And that is why mentors are so very helpful. And that is why being organised is not something to leave for tomorrow (it’s only a day away…a day away… a day away!). Even if you really hate lists and have a culturally embedded disregard for time. Because otherwise you will float along looking at the fireworks created in your mind, wondering each time how to catch that falling thought, and each time mourning the loss of that incredibly beautiful moment you weren’t able to share.

Vanisha is an inspiring and creative mentor who gently but effectively pushed me to accept that growing up does not smell as bad as boiled brussels sprouts. I reached out to Vanisha at what felt like a ditch in the road, but was in fact a crossroads. She quietly placed seeds of thought and motivation during her mentoring sessions that I tended to without realising and then saw growth. Besides mentoring, Vanisha is a mother, wife, PhD graduate, researcher and blogger. Vanisha is currently working on a Very Important Project (mamahood) so she has finished up her mentoring sessions for the year. For me, two mentoring sessions made an enormous difference for my approach to productivity, so I’d keep an eye on her instagram to see when she’s taking on more mentoring sessions.


all images courtesy of Katrien Pickles | Instagram | Facebook | Website

As with anything, this is a process, so I can’t promise I’ll be on time to all future appointments, but it’s an exciting time to be my google calendar! For ages it has just been sitting there on its own (I had no idea it existed). Recently, it had its first invitation to an event (I accepted!) and so began my love affair with google calendar. Now I’ve branched out to google drive and even apps. It’s madness over here. I can’t give up on my love of pens and notebooks though, so that is still where most FIZZY thoughts get captured.

This difference now is that those FIZZY thoughts get moved into actions. And sub-actions, because let’s get real: We all know I need to drink copious amounts of tea and go adventuring through blogland before doing anything ‘productive’.

With Vanisha’s help, I learned to set realistic goals for me, for my passions and for this little book business. I thought I’d share some bits and pieces that were helpful for me on this journey to being more organised a.k.a. GETTING STUFF DONE!

Find out more about Katrien and her book Georgina and Dad The Dragaon here. And if you’re interested in some mentoring sessions, send me an email! I’d love to hear from you!

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  • Katrien Pickles

    Oh Vanisha, thanks so much for putting this up – it means a lot that you like it 🙂

    If it’s useful, I’ve got another productivity hack now: I downloaded the free ‘Insight timer’ app which is an awesome resource for guided meditations but I mostly just use the timer to do 30 minute increments of study/writing/reading, then have a walk around break. I put my phone on flight mode so I don’t get any notifications popping up then start the timer. I love that it has a starting ‘gong’ and then a finishing ‘gong’. It’s a much nicer sound than beeping!

    x katrien

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