Finding The Perfect Pearl Necklace

September 21, 2015


As with most things I’m quite fussy when it comes to jewellery and I find myself holding my breath with fear when someone presents me a gift that’s jewellery. I’ve also started playing closer attention to the jewellery I have and how it fits with my goals towards a lean closet and a more minimalist lifestyle. There were three things on my jewellery list for a few years: small diamond earrings (which Patrick ended up buying me a few years ago and that I wear everyday), a short pearl necklace and a gold bangle with a little bell on it. I recently found the pearl necklace I’ve spent years looking for. It’s this cultured freshwater pearl necklace from Michael Hill.


It had been a while since I had ventured into a Michael Hill store or browsed their website. I tend to do it often because a close aunt gave me a necklace from there with a square yellow pendant. With all my moves and packing and unpacking I’ve lost it and I often have a look to see if they’ve put it out again. I haven’t had much luck so far. But I did  manage to browse a little more until I came across this piece and I knew instantly it was perfect. I even whipped out my measuring tape (kept in my writing desk drawer) to guage the length. I’m all about the short necklaces.


This gorgeous purple box arrived in the middle of the most terrible flu. It was such a wonderful surprise and I was even more impressed with the necklace. The pearls have tiny gold spacers between them and the most beautiful  antique looking gold clasp.


Pearl necklaces aren’t really the trend amongst women my age but I just love it and aim to wear it with messy hair and less feminine silhouettes because I think that contrast gives such a fresh take to a classic material like pearl. While looking up the link to the necklace I noticed that Michael Hill have added pearls as the trend to try this season I hadn’t noticed that earlier but I definitely think it might be worth trying and really re-thinking what looks and clothes you pair them with.

Have you got any jewellery on your wishlist at the moment? 


  • Kristen

    What a beautiful necklace! My pearls are currently in a box waiting to be restrung. I really like the gold spacers…might look into having mine done that way. Wishlist…I just lost a diamond earring while away in NYC:-( Hoping to have it replaced at some point…but will buy a decent pair of faux diamonds until then.
    Hope you are feeling much better.

    • Vanisha

      I had a pearl necklace from my grandmother that came undone and I lost too many of the pearls and spacers to do anything. It was heartbreaking and I still think of it. I’m sorry to hear you lost your diamond earrings 🙁 I don’t have a lot of jewellery and am quite attached to what I do have. I hope you find a replacement pair that makes you happy x

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