Designing a Logo: Designer’s Perspective

January 18, 2015

Written by Shannon Cant

Have you seen Vanisha’s new logo? I had the pleasure of designing that for her. Since Vanisha often writes about how she grows and enhances her blog, I thought it would be nice to detail the logo design process and give some general tips on blog rebranding. When Vanisha approached me to design the logo for her blog, I was thrilled! Not only did I have the chance to work on a project that I was truly interested in, but I would also have the opportunity to learn more from Vanisha’s wealth of online/blogging knowledge.

As I had originally guessed, working with Vanisha was a breeze. She conducts herself with the utmost level of professionalism when it comes to blogging, and as the client in the client/designer relationship she was no different. When designing a logo for a client, it is really important that there is a clear line of communication. It’s my job to get inside the clients head, and bring that idea to paper adding a little of my own spice of course. So really understanding the client and their expected outcome is essential. Having Vanisha’s blog available as a resource was invaluable. If I ever felt like I was taking a creative steer that was slightly off course, all I had to do was pour over her huge back catalogue of posts. Vanisha and I spent a lot of time emailing back and forth and even talking over the phone in the final stages, which really helped to achieve a result we both loved.

The inspiration behind the logo: When Vanisha approached me to do the design, she asked for a logo that could transcend her current ‘life in Australia’ focus. Since Vanisha is Fiji born and both her and her husband Patrick travel quite a lot, she noted that perhaps in the future, Vanisha’s life may not actually be in Australia. To overcome this issue, we decided that she needed a brand to encompass whatever direction her blog may take in the future. Vanisha’s blog headers could change to whatever she fancied at the time, but the branding would always remain as a consistent anchor. The tagline ‘inspire, connect, interact’ reflects the strong community that surrounds Vanisha’s online presence. Her aim is to inspire and be inspired while connecting and interacting with her community.

The logo design is Vanisha’s very own passport stamp. The stamp shape shape alludes to the fact that Vanisha has travelled a great deal over the years and has lived a full, unique life. The idea was to broaden the concept behind her brand so as Vanisha herself is the key focus, rather than the location she currently resides in. The use of the flowing script was chosen specifically to reflect Vanisha’s femininity and style, complementing the shapes of the letters in her name. Perhaps the logo could also be seen from a readers perspective? Once you visit Vanisha’s blog, you receive her personalised stamp on your web browsers history. And what a delightful place visit during your internet wanderings!

In my next post, I will be talking you through the design process. This might be particularly useful if you’re curious about the logo design process, or general design processes. Tune in next week for the second part of this post!

If you have any questions leave a comment and both Vanisha and I will be happy to get back to you! 

This post was written for A Life Un-Styled by Shannon Cant.

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