Creating The Perfect Shoe Collection

October 12, 2015

Goodness I love shoes! I’ll skimp on the clothes and splurge on the shoes. But from being the person who bought the same pair in various colours and who collected shoes like people collect stamps I’ve some what refined the size and style of my shoe collection. I’ll now happily go without buying a pair all year to save enough money to buy one truly amazing piece. As I sorted through my wardrobe (clothes and shoes) over the weekend I began noticing certain things, which I realised helped me create the (somewhat) sensible collection I now have.


What Shape/Style flatters your feet: We think about this more consciously when we consider clothes and body types but less so when it comes to shoes. I favour slim, pointy, close-toed shoes. I usually opt for close-toed over open-toed anyway – though they are some exceptions (like this beauty in teal suede) Because I have long narrow feet I avoid slip-ons, and I haven’t come across a pair of sandals that flatter my flippers! If I felt more confident in this department, these zebra pony sandals would take up coveted real estate in my wardrobe! Really think about what shape and style of shoe flatters your feet and your body.

Heel height: Know what works for you, and I mean what honestly works for you. There’s no point being in love with the idea of high heels if they’re just too uncomfortable or impractical for your lifestyle. I own stilettos (which I favour) and flats but I have noticed I tend to stay clear of kitten heels. I don’t own a single pair of those. Though I have been told during pregnancy they might be a nice in-between option. I’m considering this Frenchie flat in tan as I still don’t drive and continue to walk everywhere. It might be a nice treat as this pregnancy progresses! Figure out what actually works for your lifestyle and consider it closely next time you’re buying shoes. There is nothing worse than beautiful shoes that do not get worn! For those wanting a big of heel height without the wobble, you might want to consider a block heel, like this block heel mule.


Colour: My clothing is fairly monochromatic and I do like to have a little play with colour when it comes to shoes and accessories but I haven’t deviated too far from my safe zone. I love the idea of more colour and I love the idea of an all black outfit with a canary yellow pump but it just doesn’t fit the reality of me. This about your colour palette. If you’re all about the pop of colour – that’s perfect! Keep tabs on what colours you have. I know I don’t need any more black boots. I have four! (I probably don’t need any more boots really) In my defence our winters are really long and a girl gets tired of black boots after three months! I already have these boots in black leather and black mesh but I think the mulberry would be a nice subtle colour to my existing colour palette.

Price Philosophy: Not so much about how much you’re willing to spend but how you’re going to pay for it. I’m not keen on going into debt over shoes. I make a list of shoes I want to buy and then work out how much I need to put aside and where that money could possibly come from (and what needs to be forgone – let’s be realistic – to make the shoes happen!). I tend to not want to touch my savings for it either. Do you have a price philosophy? It really helps me keep a level head amongst the constant advertising. And keep an eye out for sales. I’d start putting money aside in the middle of the year for the big ticket/designer purchases I want to make during the November sales. Some companies offer you a discount simply for signing up – if you’ve liked the shoes I’ve mentioned in this post you can sign-up for the Dept of Finery newsletter and get $25 off.


Brand Philosophy: This isn’t important to a lot of people and I’m not one to judge. I can’t always buy ethical or handmade but I try to make a conscious effort to (or at the very least learn about the brand, it’s production process and philosophy). In this post I’ve used examples from Dept. of Finery because I’ve come to love their products and I’ve got to know their team. A great brand will offer you a sense of continuity and familiarity in your style journey and I try to purchase from the same brands. They’re definitely the first brands I’ll go to if I’m looking for something. Sometimes it’s amazing getting behind the smaller businesses because you never know where they end up. I hope I’ve demonstrated this in this post. My first shoes from Dept of Finery were these boots but I can easily put together a capsule collection of shoes from their store that suits me and my lifestyle. Looking at my wardrobe this weekend I noticed much of the same. Multiple pieces from the same designers. I think it helps me stay focused.

What do you look for in creating the perfect shoe collection? 
Or just buying shoes in general? 


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