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January 25, 2015

Graphic design makes a lot of people think of just the print related side, only that isn’t the case; online design does tend to really get neglected, so my job here today is to help remind you why blogs should be engaging and reflective of your business and how all this can help build traffic.

For every business there is a form of identity; and each business takes its own path in delivering its message. Businesses may coexist in the same industry, however each business should have an individual approach. Here’s something to think about, a business is a business, but a brand and branding is not the same. You may or may not have approached this subject previously. If you have, then maybe it’s still good to have a read and get a breath of fresh air on this subject area.

Branding is more or less a visual identity, it’s compiled of what your products and services are – mentally and physically speaking- or, a cycle of life of what your customers see.

Below I have the top 3 tips on how you can successfully build your branding.

1. Stand back and observe

While you might find yourself getting excited and wanting to jump straight into branding your business/blog, take a step back and remember that it’s not as simple as it seems. Think of an ocean, far and deep. Your goal: to swim to further than the rest, but the obstacles are like waves and the rest of the people swimming might permit you from reaching your goal. These are your competitors, the ocean is your world and your life jacket is your branding. Focus on taking a breather, have a look and observe other bloggers to get a firm idea of what it is your out to achieve. Take an objective, look at your brand and set yourself goal. Take the time and be patient about understanding your own business first before explaining it to everyone else. Remember, your life jacket is your branding.

2. Consistency

Consistency builds a strong identity and explores the idea that ‘everyone is singing from the same song sheet’. This will give a better understanding of the focus of your business. Considering specific colour palettes and certain graphic styles that project the style and feel of your business will help you out immensely. This will help your consumers to understand the message you want to deliver in respects to your company’s services. Here are some blog examples that have used design consistency.Xia Xue – Consistency | The Beauty Department – Unique | The PVDH Journal – Graphics | Kelli Murray – Head and Navigation Focus | The Design Files – Overall Layout

3. Be great, stand out.

Remember that great design cuts through to your audience. Have you taken the initiative to have a logo designed? If so, is it unique and recognisable? Be unique and creative about what you want done. While simplicity may seem the way to go, think carefully about whether or not your business can handle the competitor and consumer conflict.

Logos are usually the first approach to branding your business, but it’s good to keep in mind other collateral you may want designed. This can include business cards (even if your presence is solely online) and a great engaging blog or website design. Remember to keep colours and other elements specific to the feel and look of your business and make sure you have a strong idea of what you want your designs to express before getting the help from a designer. While designers can do most of the work for you, it’s good to give them a lead to go on to make sure your both on the same track. This can save time and potentially reduce your budget.

Well that’s a wrap for branding your brand, I hope you’ve learnt a little about how and why branding is so important for a business and more importantly that consistency is key above all; being patient and working hard to make sure your branding looks fabulous, will definitely go a mile!

Have you ever thought about branding your blog? Or, how do you currently go about branding your blog? 

This post was written for A Life Un-Styled by Ban, a graphic designer from the Central Coast, Australia. 

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