Have a logo…What next?

February 22, 2015

Having a logo you love is just the beginning. This sounds scary, but really it just means making sure your blog is consistent in design with the logo or vice versa. All of this should be discussed with your designer at the beginning of the rebranding process, but if not don’t sweat!

Ask yourself a few questions:

1. Does my logo match my blog’s colour scheme? If not, add that to your to do list. You don’t necessarily need to copy the exact colour of the logo throughout your blog, just choose a colour scheme that contrasts nicely.

2. Do the fonts I have on my blog match the style of the font used in my logo? Similarly to the colour scheme, you don’t necessarily need to match your fonts exactly, but rather choose a font that contrasts nicely against the logo. For example: If your logo uses a nice swirling, hand scripted font like the one below choose a more structured font like the one beside it. This way it creates contrast and is legible for followers to read on screen.

3. Do I have any marketing collateral? Does this need to be updated? Any promotional tools you use (online or in print) should be updated to use your logo and updated blog design. This includes business cards, flyers, invitations, web banners, buttons and social media pictures. If your blog is represented anywhere online or in print, it should include your new logo.

My best advice to someone who wants to create a logo for their blog is team up with a designer that you really like. Mutual respect and easy communication is key to achieving a logo that you are proud of.

Do you have a logo for your blog? Besides your blog where else/ how else do you use it? 
I use mine quite a lot when I do presentations related to social media and blogging, as well as for my mentoring program tools and documents. 

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