A String of False Starts

January 29, 2015

I’ve busy been writing content, taking photos and putting together posts that I have been aching to write (I shared this post two weeks ago on how I write). This morning I sat down with the intention of getting a post on the blog straight away. I was looking through an old photo on Instagram and the discussion about what my readers were doing for their blogs that morning. I felt like I was in a good place. I’ve been inspired and motivated but I’m not sure what happened this morning. Sitting down to write, I wrote, deleted, wrote, deleted and then just laughed at myself.

Instead of deleting everything, or filing it away, I wanted to share my string of false starts. The bold text was going to be the title of the post, and the text in italics are my comments on what I’d written.

Sometimes The Cup Is Just Empty (I only got as far as a title for this ‘post’)
Finding Inspiration in Nothingness

It’s easy to find inspiration when you’re surrounded by new exciting things. A new experience, a new purchase or a new phase in your life. But sometimes even with so much happening it can be a little difficult to find the inspiration to write or blog. I don’t often lack the inspiration, I just lean towards not having the desire to write or blog at that particular point in time. I often feel overwhelmed by the stimulus around me, the wonderful blogs, advertising, media events and I panic. I retreat into myself, sometimes for a day or a few hours….
(Not sure where I was going with this)

I Miss You

One of the most interesting aspects of blogging is reading other blogs, especially the blogs of people I now consider friends. I know a few of my dearest blog friends are struggling with finding the motivation to write, and I simply wanted to let them know that I miss them…

(I’ve had many blog friends writing about wanting to stop blogging because they no longer feel motivated or inspired to do so)

In the end I decided none of these deserved your time. Sometimes I’ll write a post and decide that it doesn’t fit the philosophy of my blog. I don’t beat myself up, I enjoy writing so I simply file it away. It’s not often that I have as many false starts as this but I’ll take it as a lesson. A lesson to remain true to what this blog is about, what I like blogging about and only writing and blogging when I’m absolutely bursting with something to say – When I believe there is a story to be told. Today, this post is about exposing myself, and saying, yes, sometimes my process looks like this – and I’m okay with that.

Have you shared any of your own blogging mishaps? 


  • Michelle Y

    An interesting perspective. I often write posts and then they languish in my drafts for ages before I delete them. I also have a whole bunch of ideas that I just haven't got around to working on so not alone in the ideas not coming to anything. Something to work on.

  • Simona M

    There is no writing, only rewriting, haha so true. I have so many drafts, and am always afraid somebody will read them and think that is my writing. Take a day off, that is what I do when nothing clicks.

  • Rita

    I love that you shared these Vanisha! It made me smile. When I started my blog I had so much more time for it. Then, when I didn't have as much time but still wanted to blog, I got anxious about not writing posts as often. That actually made me have more false starts because that anxiety was a roadblock. Now I just accept that blogging is something I love doing and if I can only do it once a week, that's what I'll do. That has been liberating because when I write, I write about something that is really important to me and it feels better. I still enjoy the process of putting ideas down and letting them sit for a while because, like you say, sometimes it's not the right time or where I want my blog to go.

  • Kayleigh thewayiwanderlust

    This is funny, I have several draft posts still in blogger as I started to write and then couldn't figure out what else to say or how to say it. I leave them there just in case I get some inspiration to finish them.

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