Are You Happy? My Morning Question

October 14, 2012

Are you a morning person? I’m not. Or perhaps I’m just not a ‘waking up’ person. I love my sleep and I probably get more than I should! Mornings are the most difficult part of my day. I don’t want to talk. I don’t want to eat. I’m grumpy. It’s been this way since I was a child. But lately I’ve been embracing the mornings. It’s still difficult to get out of bed but I try to do it without too much drama. You wouldn’t think that someone who hates mornings so much actually has a morning routine. But I do.

When I wake up, I ask myself:  “are you happy?”
I’ll ask myself out loud if I’m alone or in my head if Patrick’s around. I’ve done this for years (both talking out loud to myself and asking myself this question). It came after long periods of being unhappy. And I refuse to spend a single moment being unhappy.

So I ask myself “are you happy?”
For years now the answer has been yes.
There were times when it was “no”
And right there and then, it would proceed to “what do I need to do to be happy?”  I would decide what I needed to do right there and then. And fix the situation right away.

I guess it’s my little way of making sure that I think about my happiness and myself. It also means that I generally address issues of unhappiness right away rather than letting it get bigger and out of hand.

Are you happy? 


  • Tyne Swedish

    I should really do this! I have had times in my life where I've been going through the motions (not always depressed but sometimes). But now I vocalize to Jason (and if i'm being honest myself) whether I am happy or not. If I am not happy I try to analyze (without over thinking) what is blocking my happiness. Sometimes the answer is simple. Other times the answer is grad school!
    Beautiful photos by the way honey!


  • Shauna

    A nice post and made me think I should adapt your ways 🙂 On work days, I wake up grumpy, but on sunny weekends I wake up happy. I guess it probably depends on if I have to wake up by the alarm clock or not. I'll try your ways on asking myself if I'm happy. I liked your photos too 🙂 Until Next Time, Shauna {}

  • Deidre

    I currently have been happier than I am…le sigh, I'm trying to hold because there is a big change at work and when that goes through I'm hoping happiness shall return.

  • Lady Jewels Diva®

    mmm, I'm not a morning person and I'm not happy. Maybe it has something to do with the Sun and uv rays?

  • Lindsay K

    So wonderful to spend some time each day reflecting on happiness- love that. I also love those flowers- so cheery.

  • Helen Gash

    I find this really interesting. I need to ask myself this in the morning. I am a morning person, but I guess I've never asked myself if I'm happy or took the steps to change it. You're so cute!

  • Sam

    I am definitely not a morning person – and I've tried 😉 You look so cute in these pictures – and certainly look a like a sprightly morning soul. I actually haven't asked myself that in a while. Its a good idea, like what you said about 'unhappiness getting out of hand'.

  • Kirsty Mckay

    Oh I'm definitely not a morning person either, although getting up on weekends is so much easier than on weekdays! Summer time and bright morning sunshine beckoning through the windows makes me happy though so I'm glad Spring is here 🙂 xo K

  • s

    awe such motivation and inspo! Love your outlook and attitude. xO!

  • hope in high heels

    I am absolutely not a morning person… I seriously dislike getting out of bed in the morning. Luckily, I am happy most of the time and I try and make sure I have something to look forward to every day, no matter how small.

    ps. cute photos!

  • Mandi

    I have to say I am a morning person but that only came after I became a mum! I literally can't sleep in even when I try and have the opportunity which really bugs me. I like your thoughts on asking yourself each day if you are happy. It's something that is easy to brush to the side and ignore.

    xx Mandi

  • :: Lavender's Green ::

    LOVE the idea of asking yourself "Are you happy?" I might start that!

    I used to be a morning person. I'd bound out of bed, excited to start the day. I hated late nights and could barely string a sentence together after 10pm I'd be so tired! And then I started Uni and started staying up until 4am studying … needless to say I slowly became a night owl. Now I'm in limbo. I'm my most creative late at night. All my brilliant ideas come somewhere between 11pm and 1am, but I get up for 5:30am for work. I sleep in on weekends to make up for the lack of sleep during the week, haha.

    x Jasmine

  • Leslie

    I think it's so important to continue to edit our state of mind. We change, situations change.. and we need to change with those things. I am not a morning person, and don't sleep as much as I'd like. Good habit you are in!

  • Michelle

    I am so not a morning person Im grumpy and cant talk until Iv had my coffee, shower, dressed, and ready to leave the house then Im a little bit more normal!
    This is such a sweet post, you look snug as a bug in a rug 🙂 Im happy because like you I do what I need to, to be happy. Ill take myself shopping or pour a glass of wine and relax or vent to my man. Those things make me happy.

  • Fiona

    What a great way to start the day. I find I wake up really well if there's natural light – so I'm better in the summer by a looong way! On dark mornings it's a fight to get me up. My husband tries so hard to help, and in the winter he'll come and bring me a cup of tea to coax me from under the covers – he's a superstar!
    I'm glad that the answer has been "yes" for some time now, and that you have a strategy for those mornings when it's been "no".

  • Patty

    I love this morning philosophy! I will have to adopt it for myself 🙂

  • Fashion-isha

    That is so fabulous..that you won't waste time being unhappy! I love this! I also don't want to talk first thing in the morning but after coffee I'm ok 🙂

  • Arni @ Travel Gourmande

    That's a great habit to start the day. It allows one to focus on what's important. I remember a long time ago, I was introduced to this woman. Usually after exchanging names, we talk about which company we're from. At that time, my former job title sounded fancy smarty pants so I said it with nonchalance, then she replied,"Are you happy?" Not something I expected from someone I just met. It's like someone threw water at my face. That was a wake up call. I realized I wasn't happy with whatever thing I was doing and decided months later to make a change. This question was in my head since then.

  • Alex Butts

    SO not a morning person but I love that you ask that when you wake up, great idea!

  • Stephanie

    I am not a morning person either, but the thought of my pay check gets me out of bed irrespective of how grumpy i might be at the time. I really need to start asking myself the same question everyday and figuring out how to remedy it if i feel like i am not happy

    xo Stephanie

  • Megan

    sometimes I try and trick myself into thinking I am a morning person and get up early and go to the gym and all that hoop la and than I remember I much prefer to be in bed than at the gym and put an end to my morning personness. i think I might give this little matra a try – it seems like a good way to keep happiness in check.

  • Becca

    I'm quite a morning person, I can get a lot done in the morning but my productivity decreases by lunch! Asking yourself if you're happy is a great way to start the day, especially if you're a worrier like me! Your flowers are also a super cute touch xxx

  • Mrs. Pancakes

    I'm not a
    Mornig person but great way to assess where you are in the morning. I usually start with a prayer thanking God for waking me up and asking him to boost my day!!

  • paisleysummer

    I am a morning person, I have so much more energy then.
    I love your wake up routine and it's such a good reminder that we can have some control over our feelings. I have been trying to focus on good and immediate things and not worry too much about the past or the future and it seems to be having some positive effects! x

  • Bola

    Hey, I love this post! I am also not a morning person but I do have my moments when i all of a sudden decide to jump right out of bed and sing. I think it's lovely that you check in with yourself every morning. I will make sure to do the same 🙂


  • ~Orianne~

    Hi Vanisha, I'm a morning person, because I have a job with kids, I'm elementary school- and PE teacher, we have a lot of fun every day;-)

    I wish you a wonderful week!



  • The Life of Clare

    You're a doll! Gotta love a good morning conversation! I'm generally a morning person, recently though, I just can't seem to get enough sleep at anytime!

    I love fixing issues straight away! I feel like life is about living, happily, safely, contently, and if you're not, something needs to change!

  • Elle Sees

    I'm happy most mornings; just tired! But I would say I'm a morning person.

  • Katrin

    Haha, I am not a morning person either. I can get grumpy and it is better not to talk to me. 🙂

  • Sarah

    I think that's a fabulous routine Vanisha. It's so easy to get so grumpy over something so silly as being tired or getting up on a Monday, but if you're happy and you're blessed with health, good friends, work etc., we should really remember & appreciate that!

  • Mouthwash

    Such a simple question, but not one always answered so easily. Beautiful post – both asthetically, and profoundly. Such a wonderful thing to ask oneself daily.

    How do you like living in Australia?

    Amber's Mouthwash

  • Kristina

    Such a great way to start the day! Just found your blog and looking forward to follow your life in Australia. I also moved to Melbourne last year and I am loving my life down under 🙂 Kristina x

  • Patty

    I bought an orange purse from Aldo because I was feeling fashion inspired 🙂 I hope I use it! I think my resolution for this year will be one of yours – to try to be styled 🙂 thanks ladybug! I feel like your blog makes me grow as a person and you're such an awesome friend in my life! Xoxo!!

  • Rhiannon

    I am so not a morning person! I hate getting up in the morning.

  • ~Orianne~

    Thank you for your kind comment Vanisha. Kirsten's outfit is from Chanel, the color is so cute, and I like her dress and the sandals.



  • Teodora

    Your smile is the smile of a happy person and I am glad to hear it is so for a long time. If I had the house decor you have, it will be very hard for me to wake up. It looks cozy:)


  • amy b.s.

    i think it depends on the day. i do love lounging in the mornings with my cup of coffee and my slippers!


    Such a cute post! I don't think I'm necessarily a natural morning person but I'm not the worst either. I jump out of bed about a minute before the alarm goes off. Defintely not a snoozer :)xoxo

  • Dancing Branflake

    I am so happy! But not in the mornings. I love that you ask yourself that every morning. I know I have to ask, "What is going on?"

  • Anna

    Mmmm Am I happy? YES!! 🙂 The timing is perfect on this post though as I was in the shower this morning (over share but I couldnt tell you how much I get my ideas etc in the shower) … thinking about how much Im learning travelling. One of the biggest things is that even though I am a morning person generally, whilst Im doing what I love I literally LEAP out of bed every morning. I thought it was something to try to take home. Make sure that every morning when I wake up I want to start my day bad enough & get stuck in to doing what I love so I leap out of bed…I even said to Morgs as I was then getting ready can he help me work out how to get rid of my alarm, and instead work out a way that each morning one of our favourite songs wakes us up (how fun would that be?) … I think a beautiful reminder to yourself to make sure you ARE doing things you love is that question every.single. morning.. "are you happy" – I wish for us all that it is never No xxx

  • Connie

    What a great routine… and what a simple question, though I'm not sure that I can answer yes every morning, but maybe that would be the kick in the a** I need to start looking for a new job!

  • Punctuation Mark

    Oh my dear! I have no been in a happy place but I decided to get out of it… It's going to take a while but I'm just over not feeling my best… Thanks for this beautiful post… BTW I'm not a morning person either! Haha!

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