Let’s Talk About Mentoring

May 28, 2015

I’ve been offering mentoring services for over a year now and I’ve been doing it rather quietly. I think I’ve mentioned it on the blog once and a few more times on Instagram. One of the best things about blogging is that you get an amazing insight into the lives of others and this sustains and feeds our sense of curiosity. And what a curious bunch we are! Your support and curiosity into my work is humbling, that’s why in addition to answering all your questions I decided to talk about my mentoring program.

The quote above I feel gives you a snapshot of what mentoring is about. Through mentoring I’ve been able to help individuals strength their careers, establish and maintain routines and goals, develop productive lifestyles and grow their blogs and social media. Ultimately through mentoring I’ve been able to help individuals gain the confidence and skills to pursue and accomplish their dreams.  While many people are interested in the idea of mentoring the cost of mentoring and often the difficulty in finding upfront information on how much mentring costs acts as a hindrance to accessing the service.

Can you afford mentoring?

My chargers are set and simple. You pay for the sessions you need, when you need them. The first session is $75 for one hour. All the sessions thereafter are $50 for 45 minutes to an hour. I accept payment via Paypal and it is expected that the session is paid for beforehand. Current market rates for mentoring and coaching are roughly $180-$200 per session and there is an expectation to commit to a number of sessions upfront. I do not charge as much not because I don’t think I’m as qualified or skilled as other coaches and mentors but because I think the process of mentoring needs to become more accessible. My commitment to offering mentoring is driven by a passion and knowledge that mentoring can be an empowering, successful and rewarding process. Why shouldn’t more people have greater access to it?

In addition to how much mentoring costs, it’s important to consider if you can afford mentoring in terms of time. At this point in your life can you make the time for mentoring? Are you able to invest your time, space and resources into this process, and essentially into yourself and your development? Really think about if this is right for you at this point.

I’m excited to be sharing this with you, if you’re still curious or have questions about my pricing or if you need something catered specifically for you please feel free to get in touch! You can email me at vanisha at alifeunstyled dot com. I look forward to hearing from you and exploring the possibility of helping you along your journey x


  • Kayleigh thewayiwanderlust

    I think its great that you are now talking about your mentoring on the blog. Its great to share this part of you. I really enjoyed speaking with you and look forward to working with you as my mentor in the future.

  • Laisa Vereti

    I read your interview story cover by Arieta Tora (Talanoa: Direction for Dreamers) and have greatly admire your simplicity, talent and style. I am particularly interested with your mentoring program and your journey that you have defined yourself.

  • Elena Baravilala

    I am totally inspired by you, we need more people like you in Fiji.

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