A Wise Woman Once Said…

November 2, 2015


Obviously little less of an intention compared to what I usually share in these monthly intention posts but I’ve found sometimes you just need to put your foot down. Stand your ground. Walk away and don’t look back. There’s been a little of that throughout the year so far but this month I’m working on standing my ground a little more strongly. With the pregnancy and onset of parenthood people often take it upon themselves to impart every last piece of information and advice and opinion. Much of it we could really do without but that aside sometimes we just need to give ourselves permission to let go of what’s not working and things that aren’t making us happy. I’m going to be paying closer attention to giving up things I feel I should be doing and could be doing but that don’t make me happy (trying to be a morning person was one of the first things that I walked away from!). My heart, days and load feel much lighter already.

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