Miss Ten Turns Eleven

June 8, 2015


It’s the early hours of June 8th, beside me Miss 10-now-technically-11 sleeps breathing soundly and deeply. Like any adult caring for a child I listen for those breaths. I’m reassured by them and I’ve come to know them. How she has grown. Her legs stretch across the length of the bed and her body, while still little, forms visible shapes under the covers. Our relationship mirrors the ebb and flow of tides. Predictable though uncertain while always being beautiful. In helping mould her personality I am also bearing the full brunt of it. The sweetness of childhood is slowly giving way to the realities of the teenage years and the carefree joys of parenting a little one are being replaced by the apprehensions of having a pre-teen. As she struggles with who she is and her identity, I struggle with how to best parent her. How to tow the line between mother-figure and fun-loving auntie. How much room to give her and where the boundaries should be. We’ve figured it out together over the last year and a half and I hope we continue to do so. Today might be her birth-day but in many ways it feels like an awakening of the mother-figure in me. It’s provided me with the perfect opportunity to reflect on the past few years and that eight year old girl who during a snow trip in Australia wheeled her suitcase over to our cabin instead of staying with her parents and never really left. Sometimes I doubt she ever will. Without getting caught up in the sadness of facing an empty nest at some point, I just want to say Happy Birthday Sweetheart. You are my favourite, but don’t tell the others x


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