A Guide To Teas and Seasons With Tea Coup

March 30, 2014

I don’t know know a lot about ayurveda – the traditional Hindu system of medicine which places emphasis on balance in the body through diet, herbal treatment and breathing. And while I don’t really have any intention to delve into the world of ayurveda too deeply, I am, like most people, interested in little tips about how to improve my lifestyle and diet. Today, I’m teaming up with Fehreen, an ayurvedic teaologist from Tea Coup to bring you some quick tips to enhance you tea drinking experience and help maximise the benefits contained in a little cup of beautiful herbal tea. Daily and seasonal rituals are often the easiest to incorporate in our day to day life, so we hope you enjoy this little guide to teas and seasons.

For summer, Fehreen recommends the Miss Hibiscus blend, this tea can be drunk hot or cold, and has refreshing and cooling properties. It contains a lot of Vitamin C and is packed with antioxidants.

For autumn and winter, the Assam Chai provides perfect heating, it fuels you with enough energy and warmth to get you through the day.

For spring cleansing, opt for the ZenZai, this tea is also perfect for your morning rituals. It’s like having lemon and ginger in hot water but blended with organic ingredients like spearmint, peppermint and black pepper. Miss 9 was drinking this while she was sick and it did wonders for her blocked nose and congested chest.

Mid-Afternoons are probably the hardest for me, especially when the desire for something sweet strikes. I deal with my mid-afternoon cravings with cleanse water and this Sweet Bohemia tea, perfect alternatives to chocolate!

Fehreen recommends Rumi’s blend as an all year round tea. It’s a perfect stress relief throughout all the seasons and is a great evening tea to hep you relax and get ready for a good nights sleep.

One of the reasons Fehreen started blending her own teas was that she found most medicinal teas had a strong, overpowering taste. She set out to create teas that tasted good and were healing at the same time. My family have been enjoy Tea Coup teas for a few weeks now, they have become more frequently requested than hot chocolates and coffees in our home. Especially by Miss 9, which is telling as many children do not like herbal teas. I’ve had such an enjoyable time learning about teas from Fehreen, though this not a sponsored post. I know how much many of my readers enjoy their teas so we thought you might find a tea and season guide useful.

Find out more about Fehreen and Tea Coup teas at Tea Coup
*images from Tea Coup, edited by Vanisha


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